The time of matte foundation and flat looks is gone. Now, healthy and glowing skin is back on stage. When looking at the models on runway, it's easy to understand, that baby look and glowing skin are something we expect to see shortly in beauty magazines. There are many ways to gain that glowing skin, so we will explain you 5 easy methods to gain that trendy look.

  1. Healthy skin. Healthy skin with flawless complexion is essential if you plan wearing that trendy glowing makeup. There are several key points to consider if you wish your skin to be flawless. Drink more water, eat less fat, clean your face twice a day considering your skin type. Also, we recommend consuming more dairy products, such as sour milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. If you wish to have fresh homemade dairy products, consider kefir grains. Also, home made yogurts is a good idea for daily consumption.
  2. BB or CC cream instead of foundation. Many foundations available on the market give thick coverage. As a result you get that flat skin looks. We recommend considering BB or CC creams as a lighter alternative to the foundation. Alternatively, pay attention to foundation with less thick coverage. It's a good idea to pick products that are listed for that 'baby glowing skin' looks.
  3. Try cushions as an alternative to foundation. Many makeup brands started offering their versions of cushions, soaked with their brandy foundation. As a rule, these foundations offer glowing look which is neither matte nor thick. Quite often there is an opportunity to try different skin products in testers to determine the best shade and formula.
  4. Don't forget about highlighter. There are so many highlighter options on the beauty market, that you will definitely find one to meet your budget, needs and expectations. Powder highlighters give that moderate glow, while highlighters in drops give that healthy glow and stay well over the foundation. It will take you some practice to get used to this product, but once you master highlighter drops, you will definitely enjoy using it! See how to apply highlighter in drops.
  5. Use loose powder instead of pressed one. Loose powder absorbs extra fat off your skin, but unlike pressed powder it will not make the skin look flat. So if you are into that healthy look, loose powder is the way to go. There is one definite drawback of this beauty product though. To carry it with you, you will need way more space in your beauty bag. And do not forget about the brush that is essential for loose powder application.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy healthy glowing skin that is so trendy these days!

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Introductory makeup lesson

Makeup Lessons can be a fun environment to learn how to perform your own makeup perfectly for that special occasion. Lessons run for 2 hours and can be done in pairs of even groups depending on availability.

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Expert Makeup Course

We allow 10 hours split up into 3 separate intervals in which you will be hands on with an instructor learning the theory and practical side of the art of makeup. Inquire today and we’ll put you in touch with our course instructor to obtain a more personalised idea of what you can expect in a Bliss makeup course.

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Spray Tan Training

Our custom studios are the perfect place to learn the skill of spray tanning. We are set up in-store with training solution, showers and the best spray tan equipment available. You’ll be required to bring a model to practice on over a 2-3 hour period whilst we train you in everything you will need to know to become a professional spray technician and even run your own spray tan business.

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Hair Extension Training - 1 Day Course - Full Training

The Bliss Makeup & Tan 1 Day Course is the best way to master the techniques used by extension specialists around the world. It doesn’t matter if you have no hair dressing experience and just starting as a trainee or a full time hairdresser this is the perfect course that guarantees you will be able to implement hair extensions in not just 1 safe method but in 5 of the most popular hair extension methods currently available.

Our hair extension training courses have been specially designed for both informational content and ease of training. All our hair extension training courses are hands on and you even get to apply a full head of Remy hair extensions to your model/mannequin. You can bring the model so your family member or friend will receive a full head of Remy hair extensions for free!!

Also Included in our 1 day course fees is the Starter Kit. This basic kit has all the essential tools to get you started.

Learn 5 Safe Hair Extension Methods

At Bliss Makeup & Tan we don’t just teach one hair extension method that we think is best. You will learn a wide variety of techniques to ensure you will be adequately qualified to apply hair extensions to anyone. The 5 methods that you will master are the most popular hair extension methods & are 100% safe and damage free, making them the best hair extension options when applying hair extensions to your clients real hair.

MicroLinks Easy Loops

Easy Loop Micro Link Hair extensions are a very safe non damaging method if applied and looked after correctly. Each easy loop hair extension comes with its own plastic Threader and the Micro link beads are already attached. This makes them the fastest micro link single hair extensions to apply.

I Tipps

I Tipp’s Micro link hair extensions are called I Tipp as the top of the hair extension is bonded (not with glue but with our own natural tree sap) and looks like a letter I. They are single hair extensions strands that come in a range of sizes 0.5g, 0.8g and 1g strands that you attach separately and add your own beads with your own threader.


A 100g of weft hair is perfect for a full head of hair extensions. We will teach you how to cut and sow this weft perfect to your clients head size this will make the hair extensions look fantastic and so natural in the hair. The weft is also like the micro links non damaging and feel comfy and easy to manage.

Skin Wefts

Skin Weft Tape. For an average full head of skin weft tape extensions you need 40 pieces that are approximately 1 inch wide and are attached to the hair using double sided keratin tape. These hair extensions lye smooth and flat to the scalp and extremely comfy to wear. Like all of our hair extension methods that we teach the hair is reusable and just need to be maintained every 6 weeks.


Shrinkies are keratin protein lined thermal clear or black tubes (depending on your hair colour) that are an alternative to Micro link bead hair extensions. You will need a heat applicator to attach these but unlike bonded hair extensions are also non damaging if correctly applied and removed.

At Bliss makeup & Tan are educators are taught to educate you in the art of hair extensions with our very simple and friendly teaching methods, so no matter how much experience you may or may not have in different hair extensions applications you will learn everything you need to, so YOU too can become a qualified hair extension specialist.

Our course has been structured to cover all the requirements that is stipulated by the Department of education, Employment and workplace relations: SIHHHDS305A Select and apply hair extensions. After completing one of our hair extension courses you will always receive ongoing help and support when needed.

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