shellac nails gold coast

Shellac Nails Gold Coast

Bliss is your ultimate destination to get the best looking nails on the Gold Coast.

With Shellac nails, there is no more smudging your nail polish while answering the phone!
Thanks to the Shellac manicure you can enjoy high gloss, gorgeous nails with no drying time. Shellac Nails look better for longer and are kinder to your natural nails compared to other nail treatments out there.

Our Bliss Shellac Manicure & Pedicures.

Shellac manicures start out like a normal manicure. First of all, nails are shaped with a file and cuticles are pushed back. The next step is to apply a base coat, followed by two coats of Shellac, and then a top coat to finish. Where the process differs from a regular manicure is that in between each coat of polish, you dry your hands under a UV light for about 30 seconds to a minute. Finally, and here’s the real kicker: After the last blast of UV light, YOUR NAILS ARE DRY! No waiting under a fan and no chance of smudging. You can even rub moisturiser into your cuticles immediately without damaging the polish at all!
Highly durable Shellac is harder than gel and safer than acrylic, and will not damage your natural nails. It even lasts up to two weeks with high gloss & no cracking or chipping!

How Are They Removed?

Both gel and Shellac nails are removed by wrapping the nail in acetone, either with special nail wraps or with a cotton ball soaked in acetone. We don’t soak your entire fingertip in a bowl of acetone, as it will dry out your hands and can irritate the skin.

At Bliss we use only top quality OPI Shellac for all our nail treatments. Unlike some other nail bars, we use only the correct products for preparation and treatment. As a result this prevents your nails becoming weak and frail.

Bliss Manicure: Shape, buff, cuticles and perfect OPI Shellac polish

Bliss Pedicure: Soaked and long massage, shape, buff and perfect OPI Shellac polish

Only available at our Varsity Lakes salon